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Winter Silhouette

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Owen Reich:
Great blog post Bill as usual.  The exhibition was wonderful. 

William N. Valavanis:

My photos did not come out good of your demo! I only had my iPhone with me. Sorry about that!


PART 2 is up,

Great post Bill !!!
Joe Noga is as amazing as the images he creates. No one combines Artistic talent, technical knowledge, photographic understanding and an un-paralleled work ethic with an obsession for perfection like Joe!
Countless hours of focused and concentrated effort are needed to achieve what he does.
His work continues to blow me away and although it seems impossible, continues to get even better.
We all owe a debt of gratitude to Joe Noga for his dedication, passion and commitment to the Art of Bonsai.
Thank you Joe!!!


With all the gushing over the photos, you'd think there wouldn't be serious clipping issues within the branches of several of those trees posted @ Bill's blog.  Don't get me wrong:  Those photos are worlds better than my little iPhone6 captured.  I stood in while a few were being photographed and it was an impressive operation.

But to make such a huge fuss about all the adjustments that needed to be made afterward ...or the huge file sizes, ...and still have inconsistencies is ...funny if nothing else. <-- The discoloration inside the canopy.  It's exacerbated by the fade-in of Bill's blog.

Looks like it didn't start until half-way down the blog post.

I've seen where there's a link to a trove of his files available.  I didn't look at the trove, only the ones on Bill's site.  It could be that Bill's blog software tweaked something that didn't need to be.

To understand the Gush and fuss it's about Joes body of work.
This encompasses years of work published in International Bonsai magazine and with the last 3 US National Bonsai Exhibition as well many others. But it sounds like you are impressed with your own work with an iPhone so I can see why Joes exquisite work would not appeal to you.


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