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St. Louis Japanese Festival

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Here are some my three favorite trees from our local show. They are bad quality cell phone pictures, but you will get the idea.

King Kong:
Very nice, #2 tree is very powerful looking.


Good Afternoon All,

Here is a cell photo of my Shohin Display at the 2009 Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden.


I thought for sure there would be some discussion & constructive critique on the Shohin display photo I posted. Since this was my first show I could use some insight from you more experience displayers. Don (Gregory Beach Bonsai) you shuld recognize the Itoigawa Shimpaku, Shishigashira and the Japanese Musk Maple. They all looked wonderful. The second tree is a Privet from Hollow Creek


I don't know much about displays, but yours looks good to me, I like your trees. I wish I could add an experienced critique that would help you out, but I like it like it is.

keep it green,


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