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Southeastern Regional Bonsai Show - July 25-26 2009

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This weekend the Nashville Bonsai Society hosted the Southeastern Regional Bonsai Show at Cheekwood Gardens.  The grounds and facilities at Cheekwood are a great setting for this event.  The mild weather this year meant that strolling through the various gardens could be done comfortably.

Here are a few pictures from the Japanese Garden.

Once you've passed the vendor area this tokonama display was the first that most visitors went to see.

These two Japanese Black Pine trees really caught my eye.  The shohin was outstanding and the formal upright really stood out to me.  The pictures don't even do the trees justice.

This giant seju forest is one of my favorites.  It truly is impressive.


--- Quote from: MatsuBonsai on July 26, 2009, 08:51 AM ---This giant seju forest is one of my favorite.  It truly is impressive.

--- End quote ---

Hey John...What a great place to have a show.  I will have to visit these beautiful gardens. 

I have seen this Seiju planting before in Asheville...I am pretty sure it won a couple of the awards.  It's size is certainly impressive.  Could you tell me why you call this one of your favorites? 

I guess when I first saw this planting I said Wow!  But then, after looking more closely, I was not as impressed.  I guess the most positive thing I can say is that the overall impression is far better than the specific characteristics of this planting.  I guess I wish I could say that with respect to all of my trees.



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