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Nashville Bonsai Society Regional Show: July 11-13th

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Owen Reich:
The annual Regional Show in Nashville, TN at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens will host Jim Doyle of Nature's Way and Young Choe; a kusamono artist trained by Mansei-en former apprentice Keiko Yamane.  There will be 50 spaces available for displays and this year, a special area for kusamono display as the main display element.  Jim Doyle will lead a workshop on collected Engleman Spruce ($220 which includes a nice tree), Young Choe will lead two separate kusamono workshops (one Saturday and one Sunday )@ $75 each. This will include all material including purpose-grown plants and nice containers.  I will have a bonsai refinement workshop @ $75 person.  There will be some great vendors as well. 

If you'd like to bring bonsai to exhibit or sign up for any of the workshops, please PM me.  If you're going to attend in any capacity, let everyone know!

John Kirby:
Sounds like fun!

Owen Reich:
You should come down  ;D

John Kirby:
I would love to, is The Greater Hartford Bonsai Society Show weekend, so I will be detained. Still sound line a lot of fun.

Owen Reich:
The exhbition in Nashville is rapidly approaching.  I hope to see many of you there.  Jim Doyle, Young Choe, and I will have demonstrations, workshops, and critiques (the latter of other people because we are infallible)  :).

The most important thing about bonsai and your obsession with it is to have fun!  The event in Nashville always has a lot of camaraderie and laughs to go along with the learning.  Bill Valavanis and Jim Doyle will be vending here for their first time along with 13 other vendors.  If anyone asks, I'll post the vendor list. 

New backdrop color, no crazy lighting, and I'll be quiet for once.  Cheekwood will have a number of exhibitions in the museum including a Japanese artist's bamboo sculptures.  Cheekwood Botanical Garden is worth a visit in its own right.

Hope to see you all there.


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