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Nashville Bonsai Society Regional Show: July 11-13th

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I'll ask:  who're the vendors?

Owen Reich:
American Bonsai Society Book Store
International Bonsai (Bill Valavanis)
Natures Way
Glass Art by Jacob
Kusa Farm
Bonsai Unearthed (me)
Cedarbog Bonsai
Lynnwood Gardens
Bellota Enterprises (Ceramic artist Paul Kattich)
MC Squared Pottery
Fedducia's Bonsai
Turnbull Creek Bonsai
Matsu Bonsai

It will be a solid vendor area and if anything like last year, a notable exhibition.  Last year's show was the best in the Southeast in overall bonsai quality.  Next year, there will be a Suiseki Exhibition :).

My dad and I are excited to attend!

Is anybody else from the forum attending this?

Owen Reich:
Paul Kattich will attend and will also vend / exhibit.  You'll like his shohin containers.


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