Author Topic: Exhibit - Clube Bonsai do Algarve, Portugal 2011  (Read 2098 times)


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Exhibit - Clube Bonsai do Algarve, Portugal 2011
« on: April 12, 2011, 10:00 AM »

I'd like to share that Clube Bonsai do Algarve is going to organize an exhibit on the 14h and 15h of May in Albufeira, Portugal.

This is the 4th exhibit organized by our club and there will be shown several plants owned by our club members, including local species like olive, fig, corkbark oaks, among many others.

Beside the exhibit, there will be a demonstration by Maria João Pires which is one of the most acomplished bonsai artists here in Portugal. She has participated with trees in some of the most important shows here in Europe, like Gingko, Noelanders and Mistral, among others. There will take place the New Talent CBA 2011 contest which will elect the representant of the Clube Bonsai do Algarve to the National NT Contest, which will chose the portuguese participant at the EBA 2012.

Here is the program and the exhibit poster:


Wednesday - 5/13
18h-22h - Acceptance of the trees and assembly of the exhibit

Saturday - 5/14
10,00h - Opening of the exhibit
14.30h - Bonsai Demo by Maria João Simões
19.30h - Closure

Sunday - 5/15
10.00h - Opening - New Talent CBA 2011 Contest
17.00h - Awards ceremony
18.00h - Final closure

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Re: Exhibit - Clube Bonsai do Algarve, Portugal 2011
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Re: Exhibit - Clube Bonsai do Algarve, Portugal 2011
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2011, 06:28 AM »
By mistake, the name of the demonstrator is wrong. Her real name is Maria João Simões.