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Next weekend is the MidAtlantic. I will be in the area this year, so I plan on stopping by on Saturday. The vending area is always a good visit. There are many top vendors there, Bill Valavanis is just one. I plan on shopping and visiting with old friends. Looking at the trees in the display area and just enjoying the day.
Should I be on the look out for anyone?
Ramada Inn in East Hanover NJ. The entry fee is a bit high,$20 a day but.... I'll be there.

William N. Valavanis:

I look forward to seeing you again next weekend!


Owen Reich:
I'll be there as well  :). 

John Kirby:
Me three! Will be bringing a tree as well.

Look forward to seeing both Bill and John.... And meeting Owen.
Have always enjoyed MABS I'm sure it will be a worthwhile day for me.


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