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What’s a colloquium?

I’d like to invite everyone to attend the International Bonsai Colloquium on June 6-9, 2013 in Rochester, New York.

Having organized over 30 successful symposia & seminars, attending hundreds more around the world, and traveling to see bonsai across the globe, I decided to organize a different type of educational event to celebrate my half century of bonsai study and passion.

The International Bonsai Colloquium has probably the best selection of professional bonsai instructors ever assembled at one program in the United States. These serious and skilled and talented professionals can present dynamic demonstrations, however, more importantly they KNOW how to teach and are well known for their unique talent. They are not expert hobbyists, but true professionals. Here some of the finest bonsai educators in the United States (and Europe) will share their expert knowledge and unique training techniques. A couple of the artists have limited their presentations to public appearances in the past, but will join us for this special event in Rochester, New York.

Our featured artists are: Kora Dalager (CA), David DeGroot (WA), Dennis Makishima (CA), Ryan Neil (OR), Kathy Shaner (CA), Peter Warren (England) and Wm. N. Valavanis (NY).

At the International Bonsai Colloquium, in addition to six exciting workshops where each teacher will first discuss their topic, we will have six technical seminars, a unique display seminar plus seven dynamic demonstrations.

Plant material has been carefully selected for the workshops to allow the instructors time to present the background of the techniques they will teach. Other than the large Japanese Black Pines, and large trained Kishu Shimpaku Junipers, they are smaller material with good shapes which are easier to complete in a workshop and also transport home. It’s often frustrating for students not to complete their trees in a workshop, but here the opportunity exists to finish their learning tree.

At the Technical Seminars all of our professionally trained instructors will each take a topic and in only one hour teach people THE most important facts based on their decades of first hand study and practice. Here they will distill all their knowledge in THE most important elements. Each instructor is well known and skilled for their topic:

Kathy Shaner: Potting & Transplanting
Dennis Makishima: Pruning
David DeGroot: Light, Water, Soil
Ryan Neil: Wiring
Japanese Aesthetics: Peter Warren
Wm. N. Valavanis: Growing Areas & Overwintering

The Bonsai Display Seminar will surely be unique, where each artist will display the same bonsai according to their taste and understanding of bonsai. Display tables, accessories and or scrolls are optional and might be different, but they will all use the same bonsai. Sounds interesting, right, BUT the unique aspect here is that only one artist at a time will display, while the other artists are in another room so they can’t see the previous artists’ composition. It will be quite interesting to see how many displays are similar or even identical, but rest assure that each WILL be beautiful and the artist will fully explain why they selected the accompanying elements to support and highlight the bonsai.

As other conventions, symposia and seminars always have, seven demonstrations will be presented where each artist will explain and answer questions during their presentations, each on different topics and plant material.

The vendor area will have bonsai, pre-bonsai, display material, containers, tools and everything else you might need and desire to enhance your bonsai appreciation. The vendors have been carefully selected to offer a wide range of material.

Additionally, to celebrate my 50th anniversary of bonsai study, there will be a room filled with some of the finest bonsai I’ve worked on during the past half century, and yes, photos will be allowed. But, if you don’t want to photograph these masterpieces, my newest book Classical Bonsai Art, A Half Century of Bonsai Study, the Creations and Passion of William N. Valavanis, will be released. All the bonsai in the special exhibit are professionally photographed in the book along with developmental and portrait photos. The 256 page book features 675 photos in addition to training information and helpful hints on how to develop your own bonsai. There is a pre publication special price of only $50 with information on the link below.

I hope to welcome you in Rochester for this unique and educational bonsai event featuring professional bonsai instructors who want to share their love, knowledge and skill with you. You will make new friends as well as renew long time friendships in a warm friendly atmosphere.

More information on the International Bonsai Colloquium and the new book can be found in my website or through the links below.

Have a good spring!


PS: Join us if you want to find out and experience a colloquium is and how it will enhance your knowledge and understanding of bonsai.

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If you haven't been to Bill's place or one of his gatherings they are just great. And you will both learn and have a great time.