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Green Mountain Bonsai Society 6/22

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On June 22, the GMBS will hold it's annual members show. This year our guest artist is BSG's own Owen Reich. The club is looking forward to meeting Owen and seeing his take on our trees. Anyone interested in joining us on that Sunday is welcome. The day is free to all and we break for a barbecue lunch, by contribution. So, anyone in driving distance to Jericho Vermont enjoy yourself and join us...if you need more info our details please feel free to contact me. Oh, did I mention we have a sale table were members bring trees. This year one of our members is moving to Florida, his northern trees will have to go, so there should be some nice trees available for sale.
Hope to see someone from this board at the show.

Sunday is fast approaching... Owen is do to land Saturday evening. We are getting ready... And.... The weather looks lovely. I realize northern Vermont is a trip for many... And perhaps out of the question for others. But Vermont in late spring early summer is wonderful. If you decide to come, I'll look for you, just let me know.
If not, enjoy your trees. I'll enjoy the weekend.

Well Sunday has come and gone and.... it was a wonderful Day!!

I want to thank Owen for an enjoyable educational and interesting day. GMBS was well served by having Owen as our guest.

Thank you Owen

Owen Reich:
Great group and perfect weather.  Happy to see David Knittle is a "local" as well.

What, no pictures, wasn't it a workshop?


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