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Greetings to all.... if anyone is going to be in the Burlington Vermont area on Saturday June 26th you may want to come by.
GMBS is having our annual show with Suthin Sukosolvisit as the guest speaker/demonstrator. We will be at the Fire House Gallery on Church street in down town Burlington.

Any interest?

I'll be checking back later this week to see if there are any question........ (remember, I'm out of 'puter range most of the time).


Just thought I'd add a few points of info. The show is free as is the demo by Suthin. We do not have a vendor table, but we do have a sale table of trees, owned by members, that need new homes.

We are ALWAYS looking for new friends and new members.


Well the tree for the demo has been chosen, Suthin will be working on a Banks Pine (P. banksiana 'Schoodic') that is very nice....16" tall, 32" wide, with 3" trunk at the base. It should be interesting to see what he does.

I realize that Burlington isn't exactly the center of the universe, and that most all of the individuals on this board may not feel it is worth the trip. I'm just hoping that there maybe some lurkers or casual viewers of this board who may be nearby and are thinking Bonsai. Stop by and say hello. I'll be there all day, I'll probably be at the member sale table. I'd love to meet you.

I look forward to saying hello.....


If I could attend I would Jay. It's just too far a drive for my budget(income). I'm sure it will be a most enjoyable time. Looks like some good material for the demo. I know jack squat about those pines. Let us know how well it went. :)

Steven, thanks for your kind words. You are correct, Burlington is far far away from most places. And in reality this is not the biggest show in the USA.... not even near the biggest in New England. But it is the only one in Vermont. Lets say it will be a good time had by all at a small time event.

That said I can't wait.... will try and post pictures of the demo tree and some of some others.....



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