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Well since I can't sleep, first for one reason, and now because I have a tooth killing me thought I'd post. As some of you may already know I am helping vend for GreenThumb Bonsai at a show here in TN. What is the name of the show I don't know but will be finding out. We Arrived here just after 3pm after leaving greenville at 12:30pm. The way we traveled(which I had never traveled) the mountains were spectacular. While traveling 60+  mph I saw what looked liked to be good yamadori up on facewalls and steep rocky slopes. Once we got to where the show is being held we commenced unloading the van. Approximately 50 or so trees. Shimpakus, Nana's, Tridents, JM's, Red Jm's, Chinese Elms, Catlin Elms, Kingsville Boxwoods, Korean Boxwoods, Ficus retusa, Fukien Tea and a few others I can't think of while my tooth throbs like a bass drum. Some various tools and books to round out the materials for sale. Got to meet the people of MC2 Pottery out of Atlanta. They have some wonderful pots. There's 2 I'd love to have but since I'm a broke bloke that's all I'll get to do is look at them lol. Got to meet some of the people that will be displaying some of their trees. Very nice people here. Some of the trees I have gotten to glance at while setting up(outside of the display area) are very nice. Quite a few large trees to be displayed. After tomorrows portion of the show everyone is invited to a dinner hosted by one of the locals here. He is a veterinarian. I've been told I have not seen a bonsai collection yet. so I am eager with camera to see this mans trees :) The guest artist here is Warren Hill. He will be doing a demo and critiquing the show/trees. The show is held in a small but nice natural history museum(I'll write down the name of it to relay later). Seems this part of TN is a fossil haven for life from the Miocene period. Oh to be a kid again just for that lol. Anyway, this is the update coming to you directly from Johnson City/Gray, TN. Time 2:01am :)

Have fun, Steven.  Looking forward to the report!

Today was an overall ok day. Started very slow. Downpoured most of the day and I think that kept folks from visiting. The latter half things started picking up. As for me vending sold a few trees, couple of tools and some healing paste, couple of books. Had alot ask about care from watering and soil to pruning and growing. I did my best to answer them as I don't claim to know it all. Got to socialize with a few of folks displaying or helping with the show. Warren finally made it for the demo. Was supposed to start at 2pm. Didn't get going til after 3pm. I took lots of photos of the trees and their presentations on display. For a small show they have some big material to display. Took lots of pics of the demo with Warren and even got 2 vidoes of part of the demo. One 10 minute vid and one 3 minute vid. Kept getting called back to the vending area so couldn't take much more vids. After the show all involved were invited to Gary's place for socializing and dinner. Gary is a vet around here and has a massive(both number wise and size of individual trees size) collection. I managed to get about 80-90% of his collection shot before more rain came and to eat dinner(catered Golden Corral). This was my first good meal since I left home. been thriving on Lance toasted peanut butter crackers and Cheez-its. Hey I'm broke lol. Warren is a riot to be around. We talked about turtles, salamanders to gary's uniquely mutated Chinese Elm. It is no longer like a regular Chinese Elm. Looks like a funky Hokkaido. He said last yr it was half and half. Half normal Chinese Elm with big leaves and half tiny(not much bigger than hokkaido) leaves. He has a massive koi pond Harry would be drooling over lol. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. Warren's critique starts at 10am(if he gets there on time lol). Outside of missing a few things back home i am having a wonderful time. Oh by the way Gary's yard is covered with a multitude of moss. I could wipe his yard out lol and leave it all bare :) That's for tonight. I will post more and pics as soon as I can after I get home. Night

Made the journey back. Will get things updated in a day or 2. 60 hrs of fun on only 2-3 hrs of sleep is a....."fill in the blank"

John Kirby:
Isn't traveling fun? Looking forward to the pictures.


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