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Carolina Bonsai Expo 2016

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Are you still reading these?

Wrapping things up soon.

A couple of details of the juniper I commented on earlier, a new angle for a pine maybe, and another shot of the mantis. 

(There was a Lego display by master Lego builders that occupied my 4 kids while my wife graciously let me meander through the display.  The NC Arboretum puts on a good show for everybody.)

What are your thoughts on the trees?

Wayne, thank you for the photos

Brian Van Fleet:

--- Quote from: bwaynef on October 21, 2016, 10:41 AM ---What are your thoughts on this shohin display?

--- End quote ---
Thanks for posting these, Wayne.  The twin-trunk shimpaku from Raleigh might be my favorite of the show.

On the shohin display, honestly, I had no intention of showing those trees again this year after our club's spring show (attached is from the May show), but that's what the selection committee wanted to do.  I would have preferred a JBP of appropriate scale and smaller needles.  I prepared the tree for the May show, and couldn't decandle it this summer for health reasons, so the needles were embarrassingly long.  It really needs a couple more growing seasons to be ready for a show like this Expo.

The club's composition was intended to be 2 displays in one: the shimpaku, accent and hinoki comprising a 3-point display on the right, and the hinoki, stone, and 3-tree rack comprising a 5-point shohin display...borrowing the hinoki in both scenarios.


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