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Carolina Bonsai Expo 2010

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Who all's planning to attend?

"This year's guest artist will be Mr. David Easterbrook, Curator of Bonsai at the Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal, Canada. In addition to overseeing one of the finest public bonsai collections in the world, Mr. Easterbrook is a well-traveled and much admired presenter of bonsai educational programming. Most recently he participated as one of three international judges at the 2nd US National Bonsai Exhibition."

" the Carolina Bonsai Expo, a regional show that has attained national recognition, bonsai display is often done in a decidedly non-traditional fashion. It is the creativity and unique character of the individual club displays, as much as any other factor I can think of, that makes the Expo special among all other bonsai events in the US. This has happened by design."

The Black Creek Study Group will be there "in a decidedly non-traditional fashion" ??? ;D  ::)

John Kirby:
So the clubs have mastered traditional display and are now venturing forth in new ways. great.

JohnG, I read something elsewhere that you guys were bringing something different.  I can't wait to see what's in store.  Are you, Ken, and Arthur planning a demo as well?

Kirby, is that sarcasm?  (The preceding question was.) 
The curator of the Arboretum in Asheville had a display at the 2nd Nat'l Bonsai Exhibition.  For his efforts:
Ho Yoku Award
Finest Creative Western Display
Eastern Red Cedar
North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC


--- Quote from: John Kirby on September 23, 2010, 07:25 PM ---So the clubs have mastered traditional display and are now venturing forth in new ways. great.

--- End quote ---

That is a pretty crappy smart ass arrogant comment.

Are you trying to stir the pot? or are you just drunk?


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