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Re: Carolina Bonsai Expo 2010
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Since I tend to work with folks who have trained in Japan (or are Japanese), I guess I will just continue to appreciate the pursuit of a more traditional effect. I hope that his doesn't make me, Cynical, Arrogant or Whatever.

Precisely the reason for not packing trees together in a display is the feeling of "space" and possibly "tranquility" that folks who live in very small spaces, and crowded ones at that, can find in a well laid out display. I understand, and respect, that there are differences of opinion on this matter. Just as there are differences in opinion as to the degree of development that trees must have prior to exhibition. One of the things that I really appreciate about the BIB show books (Hint for NC!) is that you can watch trees develop and mature over time as many trees are shown every 2nd or third year. Some trees are first shown fairly early in development and then mature nicely over 5-6 years (or more). The cost to the club for the book is limited to the layout, as books are printed on demand at Blurb.

Again, looks like it was a very fine and fun time for all. John

And that is the great thing about the Expo; you CAN display in a traditional way if you so choose, or explore other ways. Lots of freedom. How American!