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Bay Island Bonsai 2010

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We have our show on Jan 16-17 at Alameda Fairground in Pleasanton.
here are some pictures.  i will post when the time allowed.
the first is the display of a california juniper.  it was the last tree that i collected from my first trip ???
now, it has a new owner, Peter Tea.  He is very talented young artist.

the next one is a bird nest spruce.  it was from Mas Imazumi collection.  one of BIB member own it since 2005.  we repotted it every other year in the beginning.  but now it is so healthy.  we have to repot it every year.  it is displayed in a chinese antique pot and chinese antique stand

cork bark black pine Jonas D collection.  he has done a great job bringing  back to heath, get it more compact and reduce the size of the needles.

Shimpaku from Jim Gremel collection.  it won grand prize at the first national exhibit in New York

juniper occidentalis 4 years in trainging.  collected 5 years ago.

an old locally grown jbp over pumice rock.  Rick T bought from auction.  it was weak and leggy.  now it is healthy and compact.


Looks like another great show!  I can't wait for the book!

How did everyone like the new venue?

some said it is hard to find the building.  some said it is easy.
All of them like larger space.  they can stand back and look at the trees.
we missed you.

Thanks Boon.  I'll definitely try to make it next year.


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