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annual bonsai show in Krefeld, Germany

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Last saturday 27. of june I went to Krefeld, Germany for the annual bonsaishow. I made some pictures of the trees and the demo on a Taxus baccata by Hermann Haas. Since I just purchaged a new camera, the quality isn't always too good, sorry for that, also I wasn't able to translate all the names from German to English or Lastin........

But I would say enjoy the show.


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Thank you for your post and link. We appreciate your presence and contribution here. However, it is difficult to have a strong discussion about material that is off site. Would you do us the honor of uploading a few of your favorites to

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Well OK, this are for me the best 4 trees:

1 - Acer campestre 30 years old, abt 80-90 cm high (very powerfull and natural tree)
2 - Larix decidua 40 years old, abt 70 cm wide (very nice yamadori and I symply love larch)
3 - Forsytia 36 years old, abt 25 cm high (because of its different styling kind of tanuki with glass)
4 - Tilia cordata 50 years old, abt 50-60 cm high (because of its very small leaves 3-4 cm long)

Don't forget to look at the others though, there all very high in quality bonsai.



Thanks for sharing!  I especially like the Acer campestre.  Very impressive tree.

Also, when I visit the link I get:

Oops... there's nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos, or they don't exist at this web address. Please contact the owner directly to gain access.

Can you check the link and post again?

I've made the album public, hopefully this would do it:

regards Wessel


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