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2nd National Exhibit.

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Is anyone planning on attending?  With demonstrations on both Saturday and Sunday, along with all the vendors, and not to mention the exhibit, this will no doubt be a great weekend.  I'm getting excited just thinkging about it.


Wow WOW wow Double WOW!!!! For all you who missed it, just let me tell you...WOW!!!!!


Let's see the pictures and hear the report!

Sorry no cameras, but the exhibit was world class.  Phenomenal trees from all parts of the country.  Fantastic demos by both Marco Invernizzi as well as Master Kunio Koboyashi accompanied (and translated) by student Peter Warren.  Tons of vendors with everything you might want.  

Our very own Boon won an award and my congratulations to him.  (I believe it was for best tree and container combo)

Suthin Sukosolvisit was the recipient of Finest Bonsai Masterpiece with his entry of a very impressive 5-needle pine.

A display from the NC arboretum won the award for best western display.

Pedro Morales won finest shohin exhibit, with a very nice unconventional display. (frosted glass stand)

One of my personal favorites, an Eastern White Cedar won the award for Best North American Species.

There was so much to do infact, I only spent 5 minutes in the exhibit on Saturday.  (Most of which was spent searching for that EWC I knew was hiding in amongst the trees)  I was able to spend much more time in the exhibit room today, and again WOW!

Anyone who can attend any future exhibit of this caliber and magnitude should strive to do so.


I can't believe the exhibit is "world class" as they have banned photos to pump sales of the exhibit book. That's not really "world class," as much as it is kinda silly.

The web is alive with photos of not only European bonsai shows (even the big ones), but Japanese shows (even Kokufu allows in some with restrictions  :-\ ).

I think the organizers of this show are kind of shooting themselves in the foot with this policy--especially in such a huge market as the US. Suppressing photos only suppresses interest.  It does nothing else. The thought that photos should be available only in book form for a price kind of ignores what's been happening in media and technology for the last decade or so...

You really want to drive interest, show people what they're missing. There is simply no way to encompass a complete show experience than to go in person. Photos NEVER do justice to great bonsai. There is no danger of losing attendance by allowing photography. There IS, however, a downside to losing attendance by NOT allowing it...


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