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2014 Carolina Bonsai Expo

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Adair M:
There were a couple of tables that were too crowded. The Judge commented that there were accessory plants on the table, and he couldn't figure out which tree the accessory plant went with.

There were some scrolls and other artwork depicting trees. The Judge commented that the picture of a tree distracted from the actual tree.

There was one display of a dead tree. It used to be a nice shohin. I'm sure someone was sorry to lose it. But I didn't think it should be on display.

There were a couple of displays where it seemed to me to be more about "the display" than the trees. Personally, I think the focus should be on the trees.

It was a fun show, and I was glad to have the opportunity to participate.

Owen Reich:
For those not up on the Asheville Bonsai Expo, the exhibition is set up so that each organization gets two tables for their group.  Novel display attempts are encouraged.  I've been attending the Asheville Bonsai Expo for a number of years off and on.  This year and last year have had the best bonsai quality IMO.  Many of the displays this year had many bonsai in them but were displayed well given the space limits.   A few displays had way too many items no matter if they were novel or adhering to contemporary Japanese display standards. 

I really enjoyed the Susquehana Bonsai Society's display with the framed paintings depicted "from the wall's perspective" and tribute to the late Mary Kay Doyle.  Atlanta's organization also brought some nice bonsai.  Many clubs brought nice bonsai really.  Overall, stand and container selection was greatly improved; this exhibition is a loose representative cross section of the Southeast. 

While I rarely like the novel displays, I always keep in mind these are club displays taking a great deal of coordination and compromise. 


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