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2014 Carolina Bonsai Expo

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--- Quote from: Adair M on October 16, 2014, 06:31 PM ---That's it!

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It's on where I made a comment. It's more than "kind of nice" IMHO ;D

Leo in NE Illinois:
Wow Wayne, that was a lot of work posting all those photos. Thank you. I tend to post long posts, and I have trouble going through the effort of posting more than 20 pictures. You really out did all of us. Thank you. I couldn't make it to the show, now I feel I at least saw a full complete pictorial. Thank you. Wish I could have made it but my schedule did not allow.


Thanks very much.


I'll save everyone else the trouble:  You're sincerely welcome. :)

What do y'all think of the trees?  This show ('s curator?) prides itself (himself?) on creative display.  I kept my commentary to a minimum while posting.  Did you see anything out of the ordinary?  Did any of it "work"?  What didn't?  There was a discussion/debate at this show that centered around the state of American Bonsai, ...with one of the participants wanting to get away from the "Japanese Aesthetic".  Did you see anything in this show that warrants any further exploration?

From the photos it looked pretty clean, nothing looked crowded, or messy.  I do like the solid backgrounds better than the drapes, it's really just the fullness of the drapes that make the tree harder to read.  Maybe the drape panels could be hung flat? But other than the cartoon leaves, I didn't see anything that looked awkward.  Great trees, loved the water elm, and Daves JRP.  I actually liked the barn siding(?) picture frame display. 
I found that after seeing the tree names in the permanent collection, that I wanted to see them on the exhibition trees too.  Some trees are easy, but some, I couldn't put a name on, like the water elm. 


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