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2010 Mid America Bonsai Expo

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Just curious if anyone was planning on going to the Mid America Bonsai Expo in Chicago, IL at the end of this month (Aug. 19-22?)? Or if anyone has gone to ones in the past. I plan to go the 21st and I'll be sure to post pics.

I can't go unfortunately but Dave Kreutz will be there with lots of fantastic azaleas for sale, be sure to look! And with Mike Hagedorn being the headliner you are in for a treat!

Looking forward to the pics,

Don Blackmond:
I dropped off this tree last night.

Looks really great Don.  I can only imagine how impressive it must be in person.  Congratulations.

Don Blackmond:
well, it was heavy, if nothing else.

there are quite a few really good trees there, so anyone within striking distance should go.  trees from notable bonsai folk.  there were about 120 trees when I checked in, and another 15 or more waiting in the wings.  the vending area looked good too, although i was outside looking in.  its a beautiful place for a show.  don't miss a chance to go if you have one.


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