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Owen Reich:
I saw this container in Florida a few weeks ago and I thought it might be nice for people to share some out-of-the-box container concepts on here.  I've seen some pretty wacky stuff but this LED lit container called "Sci-Fi" is an omage to Star Trek.  I'd like to see a Star Wars container or 5 come out if any ceramic makers are up for the challenge.  Maybe an Ewok Village?

Please share a few you've come across. Good or bad.

Dan W.:
I don't have anything to share at the moment. But I have to say, I think it would be cool to do a pot similar to the one you posted that also has LED's pointing up into the tree from the rim or inside lip... Similar to lights in a park highlighting an old tree.

Owen Reich:
I concur.  This was the guys 5th pot I believe.  Not good now, but onto something. 

How about a Snake pot for a Bald Cypress.

Very Subtle.....Very Nice.... Very unusual.....................

I like it!!!



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