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Scots Pine pot selection


I have been looking to replace this scot pine's pot since the day I purchased it about 1.5-2 years ago. Its currently in a hexagonal semi cascade pot. Im not sure what the previous owner was thinking, but to each his own. Here are two virts of two pots for sale I found. One is 14.5" wide and 3" deep and the other is 17" wide and 4.5" deep. I think ultimately something that is inbetween the two of these pots is exactly what I am looking for. I am open to all suggestions though. I forgot to add, the current pot is 13" wide and 5" deep. The tree itself is about 2' high, 4.5" trunk, and about 8" nebari.


John Kirby:
Gor me neither pot works particularly well. They are both a little too refined and the color doesn't blend well. The width of the second pit might work, but I would look for something a full 2 " or so deeper. The issue for me is having the tree look stable, lots of good looking inexpensive pots out there. I will post some examples when I get back.

Thanks for the input. I do not have much experience with selecting pots, so I appreciate all the tutoring i can get--aside from the dimension rules.  I didnt end up winning that pot on the right.  I think I went to $170 on it and it ended at $264+$68 shipping. Ouch.


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