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can anyone help me i'm looking for a show pot for my yew as i plan to start showing it this coming spring and have looked for a good show pot maybe someone has the right pot for my tree they might be willing to sell. please help

John Kirby:
Why do you think that you need a different pot? What do you think would be better?

its in a nick lenz pot right now first the pot is too deep a shallower pot would be better and the color is off a darker brown even maybe a dark red to contrast with the live vain on the tree and the pot needs to be a generally stronger pot cause the deadwood is a strong bold statement so the pot should be to so one doesn't over do the other 

John Kirby:
There are lots of $500-1,000 and more show pots out there. The pot the tree is in is a fine pot, why don't you clean and oil it? Using walnut oil. See what it looks like. It certainly isn't too deep, really isn't too large. Save your money on the pot and buy Boon's videos.

ya i saw one on ebay for 550 but its in japan and im nervous about spending that kind of cash when the pot still has to travel all the way here a lot can happen to a pot from there to here well ill be at nick lenz's in oct maybe he'll have something that is more like what im looking for


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