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New here, Just a test post, some recent pots of mine.

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Dale Cochoy:
Here is a test of my posting ability here :D
A couple recent "Dry Riverbed Pots" about 8" across.


Welcome to the Bonsai Study Group.  Can you share any information regarding these pots?

Looking forward to many more informative posts from you in the near future.

Heather Coste:
Hi Dale. Just have to say, while I enjoy most of your pots, this thing with the bamboo rim really caught my attention. It's a small detail, but very well executed. In a world (bonsai) where small details can make or break a tree, this is just the kind of thing we don't see enough of. Very nice :)

Dale Cochoy:
Thanks guys.
Heather, I have been decorating pots with bamboo now since 2005.
Some are electric kiln fired and some are gas kiln fired.
 I use various methods: impressing, carving, building up with attachments. I'm working on two larger ones right now.
Here are a few done various ways but all decorated with bamboo, or, bamboo as I see it! :)

BTW, the first picture, the smaller bamboo wrapped log I made especially for Irene.

Heather, did you work for Rich on L.I.?  If so, what is the status of the nursery as of late?


Heather Coste:
I admit, I'm a little in love with that third one!

And yup, I did. He just never recovered from the loss after the fire. We ran a fundraiser, and he was trying to get it going again, but then the economy tanked, and that was pretty much it unfortunately.


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