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New here, Just a test post, some recent pots of mine.

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Dale Cochoy:
I will be at the Asheville, NC bonsai symposium Oct. 11-13 to ELIMINATE many boxes of bonsai pots still in my stock, plus all my new pots done since early May..
 If you are looking for a HUGE savings on a Dale pot, this is your chance. I will be having SERIOUS discounts on ALL pots in stock.
 Availability depends on whether you get there Friday or Sunday afternoon!

Here are the two pots that I posted a couple posts ago when they were trimmed. Fresh out of kiln yesterday!

Dale Cochoy:
OOOps! Just realized the pot I was trimming a few posts ago was a 'ginkgo' pot, the one I just showed finished is a 'Japanese maple' pot with a rim.

Joshua Hanzman:
Wow I cannot believe how stunning these pots are, they are the most beautiful pots I have ever seen, bar none... I understand if it's a trade secret but I'll ask anyways, what kind of process are the dry riverbed pots made with, is it the process or the clay that gives them that unique look?

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