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Koto Souzan Shohin Pot

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John Kirby:
Saw Peter Tea at the BIB show in Oakland this weekend. He was there vending pots. He had brought this pot to a workshop a few months ago as I am looking for a pot for my Kuchinashi, hardy Gardenia. This pot is most likely a little small, but I liked it a lot. Was happy to see it at the show and it found a new home. About 41/2 "X11/2". Figures are Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil.

Neat pot. I especially like the subtle coloring.  Too bad it's not a shohin size pot..

Don Blackmond:
neat pot.  interesting openings in the foot (feet normally)

Very nice!

John Kirby:
Judy, it is Shohin sized, if I can get tge Kuchinashi in it, you will understand.


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