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Why is it I can not leave a bonsai nursery without a purchase. Am I obsessed or what! I am fascinated with both trees & pots. A lethal combination in this hobby. Anyway you are all familiar with my devotion to shohin and today picked up this little beauty. I have spent the last couple hours online searching the chop databases I frequent and my sleuthing has turned up nothing. Since the border of the chop is unusual I am hoping one of you can help me out.

Regards to all my bonsai friends,


PS. If i didn't know better I'd think I was living back in Florida. All week above 80 and afternoon showers - crazy. My daffodils and narcissus are not happy campers in the gardens and are fading fast.

Chinese, newer(as in newer than shin-shin-watari, new-new crossing).  Don't recognize the stamp, but the thunder border isn't unusual at all.  It appears in both Chinese and Japanese stamps, very old and very new. 

Good Evening All,

Someone has tentatively identified the chop as that of Youzen houko. I have been trying to research him without much success. Anyone familiar with him or lead me to a place with Chinese potter information.



Chuan, Can you identify the chop? Thanks JRob

The mark is Chinese, which reads "Yangxian Fanggu" and means "imitating the old from Yangxian".  Yangxian is the ancient name of Yixing, and is often used in many marks to convey a "more literate or classy feel", especially for zisha teapot.  Your source's reading of the mark is correct, it is, however, a Japanese pronunciation of the Kanji. In one of the replies, the continuous scroll enclosing the writings is indeed used in both old and present pots. This is a vintage pot, perhaps from the 90s, the mark is used by the Yixing Pottery Cultural Garden, a pretty large company. They have a lot of employees, some are master craftsman but they only work on the high value products such as handcrafted teapots.  Just checked the internet, the tour organized by the recent WBFF convention in China included a visit to this company's factory.


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