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Contemporary painted Chinese pot


I bought this pot in Taiwan in 2012. The man I bought it from, Master Jung, told me he bought it in China. The pot is porcelain, and hand painted. It had been used before I got it. The black lines in the image are raised. I have had a number of people look at the chop and all can basically read it, but ultimately there is a lot of uncertainty about it. The artist is apparently someone named Wen. The artist's first name may be Hui. The name of the factory or kiln appears to be a list of attributes, none of which are clear to me.

Can anyone tell me more about this chop?

I am not familiar with this mark but I can read them easily since they are in contemporary writings, not the ancient seal script.  The three-charater mark reads "xing rong yi" (Xing Rong Arts), the studio or company making this pot.  The two-character reads "Wen Hui", a person's name.

With these info I checked the internet and the following is what I found in a Taiwanese bonsai forum.  This pot was made in China, commissioned by a past Taiwan bonsai society vice-president, Lin Wen Hui.  Apparently he or she have pots made in China and export them for sale in Taiwan.  Some of the pots are beautifully painted.  Attached is one of the blogs with some very beautiful Xing Rong Yi pots, please check out the site before December 31 because Yahoo will discontinue supporting the blogs after that date. Even though you cannot read the blog, just click on the icon with the pots you are interested to see more images.

The Japanese also do the same thing, have pots made in China and export for sale in Japan.  For example, they have Chinese potters make pots with Hokusai's 53 scenes of Tokaido ukiyoe woodblcok prints, and sell the set for several thousand dollars.  Interestingly, I have seen the exported pots to Japan carrying only marks, nothing says they are made in China.

Thanks so very much for this info. I did check out the site you listed and the very last pot shown, the one with horses, is very similar to one Master Jung showed me. I turned it down, because that one actually had cowboys riding the horses, and it didn't appeal to me as a pot for any tree I was working with.

Thanks, again. This rounds out the info on my container.


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