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I'm trying to find anyone making good bonsai pots in California, as I have a couple of coastal redwoods that will need bonsai pots soon, and I'd like to have them in California made pots.  I'm not having much luck, though.  Jim Gremel isn't making pots anymore, does anyone know of anybody else out here?

- bob

John Kirby:
Is Dick Ryerson still making pots?

Dick Ryerson is off and on. Currently off but still selling his current inventory. He'll be back. Jim Barrett still makes pots.  Kathy Boehme was an amazing ceramist that still has a large quantity of her pots being donated to all of the GSBF so cal functions.

Nobody making any large pots too much anymore. There is a guy in Sacramento that is making some medium size pots like maybe 12 to 14 inch range. If you need larger you may be out of luck locally. Jim Barrett will make a pretty large pot. He has made me some pretty large pots and suibans. The last one I got from him was 22 inches across for my maple.

There are so many people selling very good Chinese and Japanese pots in California economically that hand making pots out here is kind of silly. The only niche Ryerson and Barrett fill is the larger glazed pots that are hard to find in the USA as a whole.

Thanks Al.  Jim Barrett doesn't seem to have any presence on the web - do you know how to get in touch with him?

- bob


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