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Braverman & Dimig - two new pots

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Evening All,

It's been awhile since I've posted in the Pot Discussion. As you may recall from previous posts I've been search for pots made by the American Potters - Michael Hagedorn, Max Braverman and Tom Dimig. So here are two pots I've picked up in the last six months. The blue is a Dimig that also is marked IB 94. And the brown is a Pine Garden Braverman. I now have just under 30 by Max. This is my second Dimig and I have 3 by Hagedorn. People rare part with Michael's pots. Hope you are all enjoying the fall. Regards All, JRob.

Dale Cochoy:
The IBC94 pot was a banquet gift to each banquet person at Bill V's Rochester symposium . He used  Dimig for this at least twice I can think of. I THINK I have two. One was a tiny scoop pot if I'm remembering right.

Thanks Dale, I assumed it would be something like that. JRob

I love the shape of the brown one. What hopes to live in it?  Seems like a hard marriage, but the right tree in there will be a sight to see. Any chance of a spring repost?  Post repot!  ;)

Both are wonderful. 
I believe some pots (like the Braverman) are  meant to be able to stand on their own.  As a piece of artwork in ceramic. 


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