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This pot (not sure if it is a pot if it doesn't have holes in it) was given to me by my Grandmother when she was getting rid of antiques she had collected.  I immediately noticed it was very old and asked her where she got it.  She has been to Asia many times, and had gotten the pot decades ago, she thought in China but had no other details.

I have seen other pots on the internet that are similar, and have had holes drilled in them for bonsai, which I am considering doing with this one, but wanted to see if anyone here could tell me anything about it, or if it is worth trying to convert it into a bonsai pot.  I would be perfectly happy to leave it on my shelf too.

A few more pictures.  Each of the 6 sides is different, and I just love the painting.  Any resources anyone has would be great, thanks for looking!


Some research is in order , don't you think? bonsai pots are abundant, but gramma's old heirloom might be valuable.

I'm just amused she cant remember where in the Orient she got it,

Gramma got around


Ya, she wasn't really a collector, she would just buy stuff she liked and wanted in her house.  She never kept records of where she got stuff or what it cost, she just kept the things she liked and gave away the rest.  They enjoyed China, and often told stories of being in warehouses of "rocks that look like mountains and bonsai."  That being said, it could have come from an estate sale or antique shop in the Bay Area too, she picked up stuff all over the place, some very valuable, others imitation trash.

I have seen similar dishes/trays/pots/whatever on ebay in the $100-200 range, but the painting is not nearly as good, nor do they show the same age and wear.  I have no intention of selling it, but often people selling things have better records of how old the thing is and where it came from.


--- Quote from: AlexV on February 11, 2013, 05:30 PM ---  people selling things have better records of how old the thing is and where it came from.

--- End quote ---
Or are better at making things up


ming, ching, ..sting


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