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Wiring a Ponderosa Pine

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Could you please show me, a newbie, more wiring techniques then Fig.3. like fig.1; 2 or Fig.15, Thanks.


--- Quote from: TTran on January 08, 2011, 06:51 PM ---Could you please show me, a newbie, more wiring techniques then Fig.3. like fig.1; 2 or Fig.15, Thanks.

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Maybe a "Basic Wiring Discussion" area would be helpful..  I know I'd appreciate that.

TTran and Matstao, neither of you show where you are in your 'Profile', this is helpful.

May I suggest you search out a local club where you live. We can help you find one if you tell us your local. Wiring is not something that is easy to learn from a book or online, it is extremely helpful to see it in person and have some one guide you again in person. Some of us pick it up quickly... others take a long long time.

Wiring is the best way to improve your trees in the shortest length of time. It is also the easiest way to damage a tree if done incorrectly.

my two cents

Hi there,
Just because you have a wiring discussion section here so I don't mind to ask and if you can explain fig. 3 and why not other fig.
I can learn what Matsubonsai shows here with fig. 3, it would be more helpful if I can see other fig.
I, newbie, come to this forum looking for help, but you (Jay) suggest me to go difference place to get help. It's not helpful of you Jay.
Anyway, I live in Bay Area, Ca. Zone 9,  I haven't gone to any Bonsai Club yet. Bonsai forum is my first go
Thanks for your help.

Yes, I am suggesting you go to a local club. Somethings CAN NOT be explained properly with pictures. Books and internet sites are useful, but anyone here will tell you they are not as useful as meeting people in person, and the best place is a club. The Bay Area has many many knowledgeable people. I'm sure one of our members who reads this and is local to you will offer a suggestion.



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