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Wiring a Ponderosa Pine

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Exactly.  There are other techniques to lock everything in.  Check out Boon's wiring DVD ( for more.

John, when I took a ponderosa workshop with Andy Smith at MABA2008, I used raffia to protect the bark of my tree. Andy was surprised, and explicitly but politely told me it was unnecessary. He wasn't explicit about why, but I gathered that, a, he didn't think the tree would grow fast enough for wire to cut in within two years, and, b, he was concerned about moisture being trapped in and under the raffia. Indiana is more humid than the SD Badlands, so I guess I see his second point.

Just food for thought.

Ponderosa are incredibly flexible.  However, when making big bends I would suggest raffia to keep the cambium tight and prevent breaks. 

The moisture that raffia provides is actually one of the benefits.  With big bends you are actually introducing micro fractures in the branch.  The added moisture will help the branch heal and set.


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