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Trident thread graft

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Don't know if this is appropiate for this forum or not. If the Admin feels it needs to be moved elsewhere I am ok with that.

I decided to thread graft this Trident. I am not thrilled with what is at the top. I still like the base but it needs worked on in time. The trunk section is boring with no taper and has some ugly wound scars. I thread grafted 3 branches. I wired up my chosen 3 so that I could bend them into position. I then whipped out the cordless drill and bits to make the holes. First one did not go so well. Bit kept slipping as I started. So I tried on the opposite side, that was even worse. The exit hole came out too far low and towards the back of the tree.  >:(  After collecting myself I went back to the first area I tried and just drilled. Got it right, but now that hole crosses the previous one inside the trunk. Cleaned that up some and it worked. This hole is for branch #1. I then drilled for the back branch #2 and finally the hole for branch #3. So branch #1 is right branch, branch #2 is back branch and branch #3 is left branch. I can add a few more but will wait to see if these take. I applied sealant around the branches. I hope in time this tree gets somewhat better. If not, then I guess it goes in the brush pile as a loss.

last ones

FYI update. Upon checking on how the grafts are coming along today I noticed that one of the threaded branches has been snapped. Very close to the trunk. Doubt the branch lives as the only thing holding it on still is a thin piece of bark/cambium/wood layer. Set back again. I'll re-try another in a yr or 2.

seth ellwood:
Don't give up on this tree I never look at a tree as a loss only an oppertunity for improvement.It has a slight negari type root mass and the shohin size like I think you are headed will only emphacize the dramatic nebari

I'm not giving up. Just got set back some more with it. I'll see in a year if I can re-thread another branch or use a seedling. Yes that is where I'm headed with it. Thanks Seth.


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