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Shohin JBP in the making (approach grafting)

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Thanks for the advice all I tried my best to do the trapezoidal was very snug so I am pretty happy with what I ended up with for a first attempt.

I used gift wrapping ribbon to tie the donor branch in, if anyone is going to try approach grafting don't use it. It breaks under the pressure. I then used a cable tie over the top to get it really tight.

I also added a bit of sphagnum to the soil surface to increase the humidity around the graft, I guess it won't hurt?

Sorry for the poor phone pics, but if anyone has any advice on better technique or if I did something that could be improved on let me know for next time.

Also, would anyone have picked a different 'front', I thought the roots were best on this side but would like to hear other opinions?

More pics...

More pics...

Last ones...

Adair M:
That looks nicely done!


Where does one get grafting ribbon?  I have a tree I'd like to do some grafts on next spring.  I have a knife.



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