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Root-Grafting on Trident

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1.) Out of its pot for first repot since I've had it.
2.) Bare-rooted and root work beginning.
3.) Initial root work, and initial cut.
4.) Profile

5.) Bottom of what was cut off.
6.) Top of what was cut off.
7.) After the initial cut was cleaned up and nibbled away a little more
8.) Sizing up the first root (approach?) graft.

9.) Drill a hole.
10.) Fit the root in and wedge a toothpick in (this toothpick broke as you'll see in the following pictures.)
11.) Underneath view.
12.) Side view.

It should be noted, this root is attached to the tree.  Go slowly with the drill as to not burn/damage the cambium.  The root was clipped to length, the top shaved/scratched w/ a grafting knife, and wedged into the trunk at the desired location.

13.) Drilling a bigger hole.
14.) Scratching/scraping the top of the scion.
15.) Positioning the scion root.
16.) Toothpick wedged into place.

The same idea, but this time the root was removed from the tree before it was grafted into place.  It is considerably larger (slightly smaller than my pinky maybe.  Look at the pics) and less flexible as a result.

I still need to apply a layer of sphagnum moss while this one waits for spring.

Excellent thread.  Do keep us posted on the progress of this one.


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