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Root-Grafting on Trident

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Jerry Norbury:
What kind of success rate should be expected?

I think the success rate for the approach grafts are pretty high.  I'm not certain about the other.


--- Quote from: bwaynef on February 28, 2011, 11:13 AM ---16.) Toothpick wedged into place.
--- End quote ---

Just noticed that in this picture you can see the root of the first (approach) graft to give you a different look at what's going on.

There's a thick root jutting out to the right.  Off of that there's a smaller root that loops toward the trunk.  Its a little difficult to make out where it fits into the trunk from this angle, but there's a little more  info on what's going on.

Hi Wayne,
I followed your link to these excellent threads on your Trident from another forum, and am quite happy I did so as I was unaware of this particular forum and it seems to have a very helpful, friendly yet professional atmosphere, which I like.

It's been a couple of months - how are the root grafts doing?


I'm just watering and fertilizing right now.  I probably won't know until the fall when I clean up the soil (soji?) from the detritus that's formed this year.


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