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Grafted some Pinus thunbergii 'Kyokko' onto JBP at our last local study group meeting last week.  Several more Kyokko and Zuisho scions were given out to the attendees in an effort to spread the wealth, so to speak.  I'm hoping in the next few years we'll have an abundance of such material available in the area.

Are any others planning grafts this Spring?

Well I have a Korean Hornbeam that I did a thread graft in spring 2010. It was suggested that I give it extra time before separation. I'll post some pictures when I get it out of the cold room. I did a thread graft on my Amur Maple at the same time and that is separated and doing well.


John, I think I'd go into withdrawal if I didn't   ;D

So far it looks like all the grafts took.  After care is still important at this phase, but so far so good.  I may have to start cutting holes in some of the bags soon to make way for the extending buds.

i've read  that you should put the plastic bag so that it creates a reservoir for a little bit of moisture(water) to sit. In your photos you can see that the condensed water essentially sits at the graft point or near the graft point and also has the potential to leak out of the bag.  Not sure how to apply this technique as im trying to imagine doing it any other way then you did it and it doesnt make sense how to do it as i read


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