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We had fun, but I don't quite have the Boon laugh down yet.

Michael T:
Where'd you pick up the candy bags?

I assume the same process would work for a spruce as well?

I repotted the nursery spruce this weekend as well.  Could actually be a pretty good tree if it had better ramificationon the lower branches.  Was going to try grafting scions onto the lower branches.

The candy bags can be found at most craft stores.  I use the larger bags from Michaels.

If you repotted this year I would recommend waiting until next year to graft.  Make sure the tree is extremely healthy and growing well.  Bring it to study group next Spring and we'll graft.

Michael T:
There you go again counseling patience.

I was actually going to see how it reacted to a more aggressive feeding regime. 

Was wondering if it might back bud a bit.  Not optimistic, but they do back bud if only a little.


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