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Japanese Black Pine Approach Graft

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Some great pics explaining the process.

I came across this article after writing a short piece on my blog. I saw this technique used a lot in Japan particularly on Junipers. Its a really handy skill to perfect.

Good candle growth on the 3 main ones I'm interested in.  The grafts on the upper section of the tree will likely be discarded, with the entire upper half of the tree.  Plans are to rebuild a much smaller tree.

Candles are in the 6-8" range at this point.

Another great thread Matsu.   

When will cut the approach graft?  When will you candle it?


The grafts will not be decandled this year.  I'm looking for big strong growth the heal the graft unions quickly.  I'm hoping they put on a lot of wood this year as a result.  If all goes well the donor branches could be severed as early as next year, but will likely stay an additional year.  Another graft will be needed next year for a back branch, as well.

Thanks for redirecting me to this approach graft thread John.  So this is a safer/more consistent way of doing grafts I assume?  And one other thing, it must be tricky finding the exact spot on the trunk to do this so the new shoot is coming out at the right spot, and the right angle. 


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