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Japanese Black Pine Approach Graft

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Thanks for a very informative thread -- text, pictures, and discussion.  :)

I'm planning an approach graft on an Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) this weekend. This information will be very useful.

Austrian isn't JBP, but both are two-needle black pines, and there's not much specific info available on Pinus nigra. (At least that I've found.)

Adair M:

Can you give us an update on the grafts?

Many thanks!


All but one took, the one destined to be a new apex.  It looks to have been too shallow and pushed itself out as it swelled.  I've recut and tried again already.

I'll try to get pictures when it's not a billionty degrees outside.  They keep talking about a cold front coming through which should get us back into the 90s.   :o

John Kirby:
Have you got a grafting knife into the hands of the Little Dictator yet? Or is he still limited to pulling needles?

Just tweezers at the moment. I left a few candles in the back for grafting next year. We'll see how he does then.


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