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Japanese Black Pine Approach Graft

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It's just one technique in a bag of tricks.  Sometimes it is appropriate, sometimes other methods would be more ideal.

I see.  Boy do I have quite a bit of learning ahead of me :D  Thanks John.

Alain Bertrand:
Actually, I screw my scion to the trunk. My intent is to be really sure that it doesn't move at all and that the trauma caused by the screw will cause cell proliferation thus promoting faster healing.


Thanks for sharing the above!
You use the trees own branches for this approach grafting.

I have a JBP with missing branches, but no branches long enough to use.
Is it possible to approach graft with scions from another tree?

Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it, unless you are replacing all of the foliage.  The growth characteristics will be different, and possibly quite noticeable.  I would suggest growing branches out for this purpose.  You could also bud graft, or try using parafilm.


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