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Hollywood juniper

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John Kirby:
Approach graft? Scion or bud?  If it is growing, now is the time to do them. Good luck.

Roy Nagatoshi talked about grafting kishu Shimpaku on Hollywood's and He gets good success. You can therefore I'm sure do itoigawa also. Torolusa"s (Hollywood juniper) were real popular in So. Cal in the 70's and 80's and some did alot of grafting.
 I have seen Itoigawa grafted onto Foemina junipers, which I believe is a sport of Hollywood. I see hollywood juniper practically growing in every property around here in the Los Angeles area, but rarely see it as a bonsai anymore. maybe it's just not "in" right now

I think the foilage is a put off as well. It's difficult to get the foilage to compact nicely.


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