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Grafting Mugo Pine

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Hi All,

Who of our forum members has experience with grafting on Mugo Pine.'
Recently I dug a great tree from a garden.
The twist in the trunk is awesome; but all the foliage is far away from it.

Anyone has thoughts about this?

I considered a few things:
Bending branches back to the trunk. Might be possible but I'm afraid of creating a ugly 'loop' when bending the topbranche back.

I also thought of approach grafting it's own branches on the trunk.
Bud grafting might be another possibility, maybe even bud grafting with another species?

I'd really like to hear your thoughts
(Though it's not yet relevant, it's a only a good month in my garden now)


There are many examples on the web where trees are collected with foliage too far from the trunk. Problem is solved in the short run by bending.


I have no experiencing grafting Mugo ..but just wanted to give you something else to consider.

Where this tree is situated, it looks like you can give it all the sun it might want.  Ideally, you can provide for its water needs as well, ...especially if its in a free-draining soil.  Why not fertilize it heavily and see if you can get buds to pop all over?  I'd expect you'd be able to get pretty good backbudding during the time it takes for this tree to recover from collection.

Good luck in your efforts, whatever you decide.  Keep us posted!  (That's code for "take lots of pictures!")


It's funny, but I didn't consider the possibility of getting it to back bud yet.
Of course you're right, but to get it to back bud I would have to prune?

That I don't want to do just now as it needs all the foliage to build a root system again?
So also pruning the new shoots after they harden of is out of the question??

This stuff is really confusing >:(

But yes, the tree is in course pumice, lava and some akadama.
I'm feeding it with organic fertilizer grains and fish emulsion every two weeks.

So it must be doing all right.


--- Quote from: Dirk on June 13, 2013, 04:35 PM ---...
Of course you're right, but to get it to back bud I would have to prune?

--- End quote ---

No.  To get a tree to back bud you feed aggressively and let grow freely.


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