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Grafting juniper with three laminated cuts per graft

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Can someone please clarify which of the three cuts into which the scion is inserted? Someone said "proximal" but proximal to what?

I would take proximal to mean "closer" to the body of the plant's main trunk - that is the innermost cut. The diagram appears to show the scion inserted into the furthest cut which would be "distal" if I use the language of proximal/distal as in medical terminology describing the various parts of the body. For example, the proximal end of your thigh bone is toward the hip, the distal end is at the knee.


This is a bit confusing. ???

M. Frary:

--- Quote from: Sorce on June 17, 2014, 06:11 AM ---This is a bit confusing. ???

--- End quote ---
I guess we just ride it out and it will all be made clear?

I too would like to understand this better.  It sounds like Buddha is saying that it goes into the closest cut to the trunk.  The other 2 cuts being to prevent the auxins from the foliage further out on the branch to the scion. Is this correct?

Is this also applicable to deciduous and other trees than juniper?

At 3:10-ish in the second video, he's asked this question and the asker suggest it goes in the cut closest to the roots, but Miyahara (sp?) says it goes in the one furthest from the roots.


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