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Grafting juniper with three laminated cuts per graft

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Also, in the first video he says:

As to why he makes three cuts:
"I don't really know.  That's just the way my teacher does it."

He goes postulates a few reasons as to why this method might be effective.
"Its laminated so it heals faster and its easier to make the thing stop at where you want it to stop."

All this after admitting that his Japanese teacher (Mr. Ishii) teaches him without teaching him (...exactly what he means).  For instance, he said his teacher told him to tie the graft in tight but not too tight.  It took him 3 years to learn.  Too tight the first time.  Too loose the second time.  Apparently he got it right the third year.

There should be any confusion as to which is proximal and which is distal (it's like saying I'm confused but right and left). The way Michael Hagedorn does it makes physiological sense since the distal cuts are meant to stop auxins from reaching the scion.

Putting the scion in the distal cut would likely compromise its survival because the proximal cuts would decrease the amount of water reaching the scion.

Of note - I have a done a lot of grafting in the last three years and this technique works as well as doing a single cut. I don't think I've really noticed much difference in survival.

BTW I don't do the saliva =)

Here's a screen shot of the graft from the video. He does put the graft in the most distal cut (he calls it the last one). He says it heals better with his technique.


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