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Grafting JBP in fall

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Adair M:

You are right.  I have been fortunate to be able to meet and learn from some very talented bonsai artists recently.  And I credit this site as being the primary facilitator.  I would never have heard of Boon, had it not been thru this forum.

And, it was John Kirby that gave me a nudge to start doing the Intensives.

Aside:  This speaks to the old proverb:  "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".

Back to grafting... This fall I intend to side graft using the parafilm (that's the wrap I couldn't remember in my last post) on a couple of more of my trees.

No excuses for not having branches where I want them any more!

In the video, Ryan states that fall grafts must be kept from freezing and that spring grafts must be shielded from direct sun.  I'm wondering if Ryan meant to imply that fall grafts can be exposed to sun.                                                   

I thikk he meant that one should protect the grafts from temp extremes...too hot or too cold. I've read that a grafted black pine stays in the workshop after being grafted,  in japan. Think I read it on one of Peter Tea's posts on his blog

Fall grafting for me works very well in our Pacific Northwest climate. My only advice is to bring the mother plant into the greenhouse our a warmer growing environment for a month and get it going. I think it really helps.
Qualicum Brian


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