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awesome demo by Ryan Neil

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Capital Bonsai Blog new post.

Ryan Neil gets down on an approach graft.

I thought he had some great info in a short demo.

thuan L.:
Wow magic!! I'm so gonna try this thanks for sharing!!!

There were certainly some nuggets in that video I wasn't aware of before.  Thanks for sharing!

I'm not sure that this is approach grafting though.  Its more traditional/cleft grafting ...if I'm remembering my terms correctly.

Also, check out this thread from a little while ago on more parafilm grafting goodness:

thanks for the info. I assumed, wrongfully, that the parafin tape was the same as floral tape which I have a ton of because i used to work at a florist. it has the same principles as it, yea? but he clearish property of the tape allows light to reach the graft.

John Kirby:
It is called "parafilm", you can buy it on Amazon,, for example, it works very well. Matsu posted a thread on using this technique a year or so ago. Works well for pines and junipers (and possibly others?).


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