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awesome demo by Ryan Neil

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Love the stuff.  Also works great to bandage broken branches.


--- Quote from: Rkovo on November 28, 2012, 02:03 AM ---I assumed ... the parafin tape was the same as floral tape... it has the same principles as it, yea?
--- End quote ---

I don't believe parafilm and flor[ist|al] tape are very similar least not for this application.  Parafilm is much stretchier where I haven't seen that kind of "give" with the floral tape.

thuan L.:
Thanks John, Amazon saw a sudden spike in Parafilm tape sales today!

John Kirby:
Great. Wayne, sorry I totally missed your post explaining where to find the parafilm grafting procedure.

Just in case you want a little clearer shot of the cuts, here's my video of Brent using essentially the same technique.

- bob


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