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Hi one and all,

I'm new to the forum, but not new to bonsai and I have a question regarding approach grafts. Is it always necessary to score the scion when attaching to the parent, or can that be avoided if the scion has a thin enough bark? I'm assuming that this can't be done on an evergreen as it can on deciduous since the cambium has to be perfectly lined up, or can it?

Thanks loads for any input,


More specifically, I'm wondering about junipers. Sometimes it may not be advantageous to match up a mature portion of a whip at the grafting point and the best available section of the whip may be immature.

Any thoughts??

With thanks


I wish I could help.  I've had very limited successes with any sort of grafting.  Even with threadgrafting I've noticed that scoring the bark improves chances though.  I'd expect it to be even more necessary w/ an approach graft.

All the juniper grafting I have done I have cut to and aligned the cambium. Some trees (trident, for example) will fuse more easily with pressure alone, but I would still think greater success, or at least quicker fusion would be had by slicing.

Vulcan John, you see natural grafts all the time in nature where no special technique is used. So it's possible to just tie them together and they graft. Doing bonsai, there are other considerations such as aesthetics ( no bulge at the union) Time, a good clean graft is much faster with fewer problems. Plus you get to learn something new. A new tool for the tool drawer.


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